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Meet Our Apprentices

Our apprentices come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of skills and interests, reflecting the many different opportunities we can offer.

Meet Bradley

Hi, my name is Bradley. I have a passion for working in the hospitality sector. Please watch my CV to learn more about me.

Bradley's Overview



A Little More About Bradley

I have always had an interest in working with food and this has continued since I left school. Over the last 18 months I have been working in an apprenticeship which has allowed me to work in hospitality from a small local but busy cafe, to a more formal restaurant. Both were very busy but I really enjoyed them. Most recently, I have continued to work in the restaurant but I have also been working in the catering area of a secondary school in Liverpool. I really enjoy working as the days are busy but really interesting. I always take pride in my work so I am pleased at the end of the day when I can look back on a good day. I am currently seeking employment and open to opportunities.

Bradley's Job Coach

To support and assist Bradley in his day to day role he has a job coach. The job coach works closely with Bradley to help him overcome any challenges during the day. The job coach will know Bradley and will have developed a strong relationship not just with Bradley but also his parent/carers. The job coach will also work closely with the employer to ensure that Bradley is reaching his targets and to assist with any development and learning opportunities. The job coach makes a big difference for Bradley and other supported apprenticeships as it allows the student to grow in the role both in terms of knowledge and also in confidence. 

For more information about Bradley or to discuss your individual requirements, whether you are a parent looking to secure a job coach or whether you are an employer, then please get in touch.